HS module in Rome – preseation of the final results of the project in Italy.

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On April 18, 2023, the Capital City of Rome – the project partner organized the event:
Talk&Lab: “Sensitive education. Creating a learning environment where people thrive” at Villa Altieri.
They attended the conference:

  • Monika Baryła-Matejczuk, prof. WSEI Academy, content coordinator of the project,
  • Massimo Bortolini, information and dissemination coordinator at the CBAI (Centre Bruxellois d’Action Interculturelle),
  • Mario Giuseppe Tallarico, official of the Metropolitan City of Rome, is a psychologist and psychotherapist and co-founder of the national coordination of clown therapy.
  • Alessia Bulla, psycholinguist, speech therapist and PhD student in education at Tor Vergata University.
  • Federica Mura, writer and director at Rai for over 15 years.

Scientific coordination is led by Maria Fabiani, an independent researcher and science trainer who teaches research methodology and statistics in the major of Nursing and Speech Therapy at Tor Vergata University.