The project High sensitivity – Innovative Module in human sciences supports academic staff and students with the latest research and educational materials

Based on the partnership between WSEI University in Lublin, Spiru Haret University (Bucharest, Romania) and ARTEPSY Association, we are pleased to announce

Starting in October 2022. The Academic Center for Psychoprophylaxis and Therapy of Lublin WSEI Academy organizes short commercial training courses for educational



WSEI University

WSEI University is the largest non-public university in eastern Poland, known for its practical approach for the profession and extensive cooperation with enterprises.


Universidad de Alicante

The University of Alicante (UA) was founded in 1979. Currently, it educates and trains over 25,000 students - of which 2,500 are foreign students - offering over 80 undergraduate and 96 postgraduate programs.


Città metropolitana di Roma Capitale

The metropolitan capital of Rome, with over 4.3 million inhabitants, is the largest metropolitan city in Italy.


Expert Psy Asociatia Psihologilor Specialisti

Expert Psy - an association founded in 2014, whose aim is to support and promote the development of psychology as a science and profession, and to increase the professionalism of psychologists.


Project High sensitivity – Innovative Module in human sciences (no. 2020-1-PL01-KA203-082261), implemented from 01/12/2020 to 30/06/2023 under the Program “Erasmus +, KA2: cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices; KA203 – Strategic Partnership – Higher Education” aims to develop an innovative module on the sensitivity of sensory processing and environmental sensitivity, as well as to explore the possibility of implementing the module in fields related to human science, e.g. psychology, pedagogy, nursing.

The project deals with the issue of preparing teaching staff and substantive resources for introducing the module in selected fields of humanities and social sciences. The project coordinator is the University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin in partnership with partners from Spain, Italy and Romania. Go to Our Team section for more information.