THE AIM project

The aim of the „High sensitivity – innovative module in human sciences” project is the collaboration on the academic level of partners from Poland, Italy, Spain and Romania in the area of the high sensitivity.

In the project the scientific research on the topic of the sensory processing sensitivity and environmental sensitivity will be conducted. The module that could be introduced to the study programme will be prepared as part of the activities. Actions to be undertaken in the project regard the innovative area of the so-called high sensitivity, which has not been touched upon at the academic level so far – both in Poland and in partner countries.

The target group of the planned activities are the Universities, i.e. University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin, University of Alicante and the partner universities collaborating with the Metropolitan City of Rome and Association Expert Psy. Materials would be also prepared for teaching staff interested in the topic of high sensitivity.

RESULTS project


Introduction to the module of high sensitivity, that explores the basic topics, defines the formal, legal, organizational possibilities to introduce high sensitivity as a module to the study programmes in the field of human sciences in Poland, Spain, Romania and Italy.

Programme to the module

Programme to the module of high sensitivity – as the basis of the implementation of the „high sensitivity” module and at the same time broadening the study programme of the: pedagogy, psychology or nursing for the partner universities and other interested academic institutions.


Academic handbook providing information about the sensory processing sensitivity and environmental sensitivity and introducing researches in the field.


Multimedia Library as a collection of the didactic materials for future lecturers, teaching staff and students. All of the materials will be available in Polish, English, Romanian, Italian and Spain on the project website in a form of open access educational resources.

Materials shared as part of the library

Scenarios for working with highly sensitive children – for future teachers and educators working in various educational institutions;

Podcast about high sensitivity

Presentations broadening the topics of, among others, the way of measuring high sensitivity or neuropsychological research

Academic lectures – recording for students – about the importance and identified dimensions of the sensitivity of the sensory processing, protective factors, risk factors and the importance of the environment in dealing with high sensitivity challenges;