Presentation of the project results during the conference “PSYCHOLOGY IN THE SERVICE OF THE FAMILY – THE FAMILY IN THE LIFE CYCLE”

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The last few months have been intense, with the sharing of the first results of the work of our international team that works in the field of Environmental Sensitivity. The first results of the research (results of a systematic review) were presented at a conference at the University of Gdańsk. The content of two posters concerning research conducted in the project “High sensitivity – Innovative Module in human sciences”. Two posters were presented during the conference: Upbringing styles and the sensitivity of sensory processing – a systematic review of the literature and Theoretical foundations of “high sensitivity” – a systematic review of the literature.
The content of the posters concerned the research conducted in the HS module project. It was another chance to present to the scientific community the latest research on the so-called high sensitivity.

Detailed programme of the event: Book of abstracts: