Psychological aspects of high human sensitivity, 2nd degree Management major at WSEI University

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The course on management of highly sensitive people will be implemented as a new element of the Managerial Competences module in the field of Management of the second degree. The inclusion of this topic as a modification and improvement of the educational programme is in line with the regulations on the learning outcomes of the Polish Qualifications Framework. According to the provisions on universal characteristics, graduates of PQF level VII studies should deepen their knowledge in related disciplines, complementary to the discipline of management and quality sciences within the field of social sciences. Therefore, as part of the new course, students will learn the key issues of one of the latest concepts, developed on the basis of psychology (Sensitivity of Sensory Processing), which can be helpful in improving interpersonal skills and managing teams by managers. Knowledge of the issues related to recognizing the characteristics of highly sensitive people, the specificity of their behavior and the discussion on the pragmatics of creating an optimal work environment for these people can result in increased work efficiency of managers and teams they lead.
First classes with students will start in May 2023!