“Problems of Contemporary Prevention” entitled: Psychologist at School.” XI national conference of the Lublin WSEI Academy

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On May 16-17, 2023, WSEI Lublin Academy hosted the speakers and participants of the 11th National Scientific Conference of the series “Problems of Contemporary Prevention” entitled: Psychologist at School.” The purpose of this year’s conference was to exchange experiences and views of researchers and practitioners involved in activities to support children and adolescents, especially psychologists employed in primary and secondary schools.
During the conference, Dr. Monika Baryła-Matejczuk Prof. WSEI presented a lecture “Highly sensitive student at school – understand to support” based on the experience of the “E-MOTION” project on the area of high sensitivity of children at preschool and early school age. The conference program will also include workshops: Identification of vulnerability in children of preschool and early school age – working with a diagnostic tool.”

Details about the event: